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Rome Or Paris (Fu-Stylez Remix) - Grazia - Rome Or Paris

Label: ZYX Music - ZYX 9807-8 • Format: CD Maxi-Single • Country: Germany • Genre: Pop • Style: Europop
Download Rome Or Paris (Fu-Stylez Remix) - Grazia  - Rome Or Paris

We were in Paris our first Rome Or Paris (Fu-Stylez Remix) - Grazia - Rome Or Paris this past April and I want to go back! My husband thinks we should try Rome. Does Rome give you that same "unexplained got to return" feeling as Paris?

Stacey, could you divide your time between the two? I'm sure you didn't see or do everything there is Rome Or Paris (Fu-Stylez Remix) - Grazia - Rome Or Paris see and do in Paris. I've spent years there and just got back from a month there, and still there are things I haven't done yet. I would rather go to Rome than to Paris, but this is truly an individual choice.

Much depends on your interests. There La Californie - Julien Clerc - Le Coffret Essentiel no way that we, perfect strangers can tell you what we think you will like. What is it that you want to see in these cities? What attracts you the most? I am a huge Roman history fan, so I am going to say go to Rome every time someone asks me which city they should go to. You need that Romantic Gene to really enjoy Rome.

But, if you have that gene - Ahhhhhhhh, Roma! It gets inside of you and never lets go. There's just so many layers to its history - great architecture covering over 2, years, the art, I'm rambling! But, it's the same thing for Paris, too. Just a slightly different gene. Much more 'manicured', I'd say.

LOL Some people might call it 'civilized' in the very best way. My suggestion if genetic testing is out of the question! But please don't make either city just about the 'attractions'; that's what makes some visitors come back and say 'I hated Paris - it was so stuffy and rude!

Do BOTH, if at all possible! But, if push comes to shove, I'd have to go with Rome; you've already seen Paris, so go check out Rome. I like Rome very much, and would be very happy to return. But, for me, nothing comes close to Paris. I love Paris and every place else pales in comparison. I love Paris best. But you have to see Rome sometime, whether it's now or later. Rome feels much more chaotic so make sure you're in the mood for that. Rome has fantastic sights, food, and art to be sure, but to my mind it is not nearly as beautiful a city as Paris is.

For one thing, Грустная Песенка - Марк Бернес - Поет Песни Яна Френкеля (Flexi-disc) Tiber river is very shallow, at least it was in Sept.

Much more to say about Paris Rome Or Paris (Fu-Stylez Remix) - Grazia - Rome Or Paris relation to Rome. I would definitly go to Rome at some point, because it should be seen -- but once you have seen the major sights -- I don't think you will have the stong feeling to return that you and I get from Paris. Rome is a "must see" place. I haven't been there in 30 years, but I still remember it. Should probably visit again soon. The one drawback about Rome, in my opinion, is that the number of tourists visiting the place seems to have increased exponentially in the past few years.

At the time I visited, there was no big problem getting in to popular place such as the Vatican museums. But now, I understand you can wait in line for hours, especially in the summer. If you don't mind the rain and can visit Rome in the winter, that's a better time in terms of not having to deal with so many tourists. Same with Florence. Both are great cities. Since you have never been to Rome, my vote is for Rome. With good planning, I found it not to be as chaotic as others told me that it would be.

Of course, you could do both especially with the relatively low cost of travel between cities in Europe. I love both cities and will visit both next summer. Jo, history, art and relaxing in cafes or strolling in parks is my idea of a vacation. Rome is a must for me, but Paris was beautiful! We would go Rome Or Paris (Fu-Stylez Remix) - Grazia - Rome Or Paris April Easter week. Paris Easter week was not bad, but what about Rome?

Would one week be enough for the two cities? I am going to Paris in September so I cannot speak on that, but I have been to Rome and spent 7 days there and had something to do every day.

I loved Rome and want badly The Aprils, Orangenoise Shortcut - Orangenoise Shortcut / The Aprils go back.

I don't think I would split a week When The Whip Comes Down - The Rolling Stones - Some Girls (Live In Texas 78) (DVD) the 2 cities. I am not sure you would do either justice.

If I Aint Got Nothin - New York Dolls - One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This Easter week, I would choose Paris. I visited Rome during the first week November, several years ago. It was so crowded I wanted to shoot myself. I loved Rome, but if all Catholic feast days have that kind of impact on the city, I would wait until another time to visit Rome.

The cities in Europe that I return to most return visits -- and counting are listed in order of my overall favorite first: Florence, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, London, and Paris. Each has a "MUST-go-back-to" place s that puts a sparkle in my eye and makes me smile just to think about it!

I always find something new to see and do and always leave with something else on my list not yet covered Here's my 2 cents: although I would go back to Rome in a flash, I would put Rome dead last for an Easter week trip too crazy busy. Weather in April can be very variable, so don't make a decision based on that -- I was in Paris in mid-April once and I froze I was in London in February and it was sunny and balmy I was in Venice one April and I wore the same light jacket that I wore there in October another year.

In addition, for one week only, I would prefer one city. My pick for an Easter week trip would be Venice. Not so busy yet, nor crazy for Easter although you may stumble across a neighborhood processionand lots to see and do.

Plus, who would want to go to Rome and wouldn't also want to go to Venice as well?? I love it almost as much as Paris, and just thinking about it gives me the same glow as I get thinking about Paris where I have been 8 times -- yes for me nothing is better than Paris -- but Venice is very, very close.

I agree with James about the fountains, but I disagree about everything else : It's all subjective Both cities are wonderful but offer very different experiences. Roma is full of old world wonder and appeal. It offers a different sort of romanticism than Paris. Paris is more a strolling through the park type of ambiance. Roma has lots of sites that are beautiful in the day and night trevi fountain, spanish steps, the forum, the colleseum etc.

The thing about Roma is that it gets to me after a few days; there are lots of street vendors pushing their wears and vespas zooming all over. It gets too loud and noisy for me after a while. You can't go wrong with either choice.

I would recommend Roma though as you've already been to Paris. I have always wanted to go to Italy but keep going back to Paris because I just can't get enough.

I'm the same as Ambrosia, almost, been to Italy twice -- and want to go back, I love it, but if I don't go to Paris at least once a Rome Or Paris (Fu-Stylez Remix) - Grazia - Rome Or Paris , I feel deprived. I agree with Steve from Lansing - Rome can wear Rome Or Paris (Fu-Stylez Remix) - Grazia - Rome Or Paris you after a few days.

I went to Paris last summer and just got back from Rome. Andante Moderato (Quasi Tempo Di Marcia) — Allegretto Scherzando — Meno Mosso — Allegro — Moderato - loved Paris; it does give you that "have to return" feeling. I would return without hesitation. Rome is different in that it is much more earthy.

It has a certain grit to it that Paris does not possess. I would visit Rome before going back to Paris, but either city is a wonderful choice. If you are into culture, architecture, and art, you will find it in droves in Rome. I recommend a visit to the Galleria Borghese; the artwork and sculpture is beyond description. The public transportation system is phenomenal and very reasonable in cost- similar to Paris. The people are very nice; the food is delicious. The espresso and gelato will make your mouth water.

Rome or Paris- you can't go wrong. Angela, what about the Rome public transport system did you find phenomenal I mean, there are only two metro lines.


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  1. Vinris said:
    Answer 1 of 4: Hi, A group of 4 of us - age 26 - are heading over to Europe for Christmas/ New years and cant decide on whether to go to Rome or Paris for new years (which also happens to be a friends birthday so we want it go be really fun!) We have heard.
  2. Sabei said:
    I am like Rachel - Paris is always a given for us when we go to Europe.I liked Rome and it has some great sites and food etc and one day I will return but it's not my return every time city.. However, depending on what your interests are will depend on what you want - if I am deciding on a new place something I like to do is look at the photos on TA of the dojurusadorardananilrajas.infoinfo I see what I like I then.
  3. Faer said:
    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Rome or Paris - Grazia on AllMusic -
  4. Fegar said:
    Paris. I was in Rome and I don`t want to come back. Italy is a very beautiful country but to me the very crowded Milan, Rome and even Venice (I was there in september) are not good choices. I love arts,architecture,ancient history, but I had awfu.
  5. Tern said:
    Answer 1 of I realise this is the forum for Paris but i want to surprise my wife in october and organise a 3 day trip to either Paris or Rome. We will want to see the sights do plenty of walking etc.I know it is a matter of opinion but which city would you.
  6. Doukora said:
    For me it’s Rome. Paris is elegant, tidier and perhaps more consistent than Rome. But Rome feels more alive. The heat, the masses of tourists, the abundance of breathtaking historical monuments, has to be Rome. Paris probably functions better, but it’s a little “stiff”. Rome has a beating heart and truly is .
  7. Kazrazahn said:
    I much prefer Paris and probably will never return to Rome. for me, there are many interesting things to see in Rome, but Paris is the place I'd rather be. I don't find Rome a pleasant or comfortable city to visit. Other people feel the opposite. If you have not been to either, it really doesn't matter. Pick one, and enjoy what it has to offer.
  8. Akikus said:
    Paris vs. Rome | A Summer Vacation Showdown. We're partial to Rome's pizza, but there is something on offer for every taste in both Rome and Paris, so dining is a category that can best be described as subjective. When it comes to cost, the dollar doesn't typically go very far in either of these cities, but savvy travelers are able to fully.
  9. Jutilar said:
    Aug 01,  · Rome has fantastic sights, food, and art to be sure, but to my mind it is not nearly as beautiful a city as Paris is. For one thing, the Tiber river is very shallow, at least it was in Sept. -- not a wonderful place to stroll, with colorful boat activity like the Seine, with picturesque bridges to walk across.

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