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Under The Gun - Soldier - Chronicles

Label: Starhaven Records - none • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal
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It is a worldwide military and law enforcement organization. Run by a man only known as the CommanderG. Eggman and the Black Arms. While G. As the plot is revealed, it is shown that GUN were responsible for the mistaken capture of Sonic the Hedgehogthe ending of Project Shadowthe invasion and subsequent deactivation of the Space Colony ARKand the death of its inhabitants - including Maria Robotnik.

They send in a government spy, Rouge the Bat, to spy on Dr. Eggman and Shadow, and to retrieve information on Project Shadow via the Ark's database. However, they also attack Sonic and his friends although, many factors, such as GUN's mistaking of Sonic for Shadow, and Tails' attack on Prison Islandmight have provoked this.

This proved them to be have caused more harm than good in general, although unintentional. In Rouge's first levelGUN is seen holding a turtle at gunpoint for unknown reasons.

The organization was never specifically called "GUN" by the characters, who instead referred to them as "the government" or "the military". The word "GUN" is instead just seen on G. The role of GUN in Shadow Slow Moving Train - No Artist - Sports; Stock Exchanges / Railroad Sounds Hedgehog Under The Gun - Soldier - Chronicles plot is to repel the invasion of earth by the forces of the Black Arms by any means necessary - including the presumably unwanted assistance from Sonic and his friends.

During the opening FMV sequence, it is shown that earth is being overrun, with G. It is also strongly hinted during the game and FMV sequences that G. Their attempts at doing this are caused by the Commander of G. If you attack and empty the health bar of a G. N soldier while with a hero character, leaving them badly injured, the hero character will tell Shadow to stop it.

Huge Crisis Zone in Sonic Rush is a stage centered on infiltrating several of the organization's battleships at sea. The enemies look similar to G. Hunter and Hawk robots, and they do not release animals or Chaos Drives when defeated. It is unknown why they attacked Sonic and Blazebut the name of the stage implies that, either through their unnecessary intervening with the events of the story, or by Dr.

Eggman and Eggman Nega taking over the G. Battleships and control of its G. Shadow has now become an agent of G. After Rouge is rescued and the Scepter of Darkness is retrieved, G. At this point, they are occasionally contacted by Shadow and Rouge for various purposes and for Town Missions.

Among the collectible cards in Sonic Rivalsseven are G. It is referred to as "[an] international security organization. They are first seen helping in destroying the Egg Carrier. They appear later fighting off the Nocturnus Clan and have a headquarters in Central City as well as taking patrol in Mystic Ruins. They are investigating Knuckles' disappearance and hired Team Chaotix to learn more about the Marauders. Just before Sonic and friends traveled to the Twilight Cagethey gave Under The Gun - Soldier - Chronicles instructions to gather any Marauder technology for the scientists to research and possibly re-engineer.

For Classic Sonic, the truck's abilities remains unchanged from Sonic Adventure 2but for Modern Sonic, the truck received several upgrades such as controllable saw-blades and rocket boosters for flight.

In his debut, he commands his forces against the Black Armsserving as the counterpart to Dr. EggmanBlack Doom, and Shadow the Hedgehog. He also harbors a deep hatred towards the enigmatic hedgehog. His hatred of Shadow was so great in Shadow the Hedgehog he sent G. When the government came to shut down the ARK and killed Maria, he blamed Shadow for her death, as well as the deaths of all other ARK Grand And Glorious Medley - The George Mitchell Minstrels - The Black And White Minstrels Spectacula, when, ironically, it was the G.

It is unknown why he was on the ARK, but it can be assumed that he was related to one of the researchers connected to Project Shadow, since he said his family was killed along with Maria. It is unknown why he himself was evacuated instead of killed. In some storylines, he controls the Diablon robot, G. In three of the Under The Gun - Soldier - Chronicles of the games, he teams up with Sonic to fight Shadow. Once he speaks Under The Gun - Soldier - Chronicles Shadow before Cosmic Fallhe realizes that Shadow isn't evil at all and regrets attempting to kill him.

After Shadow defeats Devil Doom and destroys the Black Comet, the President states how ironic it was that people treated Gerald like he Under The Gun - Soldier - Chronicles evil, and he ended up saving them all in the end.

The Commander and the President realize they were wrong about Gerald's intentions and that he was truly a good-hearted person. They decide they will help create peace for the world in honor of Gerald. In Expert Modeit is revealed that the Commander had become a grandfather one week before the events of the game. Rouge the Bat has been a G.

She is one of the most valuable agents of the organization, and she is apparently highly ranked, as she often takes orders from the President himself. Her status seems to be that of a spy. She is also Topaz 's partner in Sonic X. Shadow the Hedgehog has become a G. Eggman's base in White Acropolis. It is unknown what Shadow's status or ranking is. E Omega joins G. While in the games series, it is believed that E Omega joined G.

The G. Foot troops of G. They first appeared in a cutscene in Sonic Adventure 2and reappeared as common enemies in Shadow the Hedgehog. They mostly wear black and blue, but they also have green, tan, black and brown camouflage clothes for jungle areas, and commonly are armed with pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and over-shoulder explosives.

Some also are equipped with riot shields to protect them from frontal attacks. They function as obstacles that block your path forward or serve as tiny attack platforms. There are several different types of beetles, which hover with a fan, but unlike the Wing that has turbines, they can't move. The Beetles in Shadow the Hedgehog also have the number "05" on them.

A Beetle armed with a projectile gun. In Shadow the Hedgehogit uses various armaments such as Grim Reaper. Iron Jungle is the only stage to involve the Rocket Beetles. There's also about 17 Rocket Beetles in that stage. In Shadow the Hedgehogthese Gold Beetles can move slightly faster than the Gun Under The Gun - Soldier - Chronicles , and also are twice as resilient, requiring two hits from the Homing Attack to defeat instead of one.

They can't teleport and aren't as gold as previous versions. They are found in the following stages:. The Doom: One that flies straight up in the corridor with Under The Gun - Soldier - Chronicles deactivated fans and ring boxes. Hunters are tall white humanoid robots. They have the number "02" on them. According to an eyecatcher information card from Sonic Xa Hunter is 3.

Rhinos are blocky tank-like robots. They usually attack by attempting to ram into their target. They have the number "03" on them. Hawks are large floating G. They appear to have two cylinder-shaped engines that they use to hover and maneuver in the air. They have the number "04" on them.

Hornets are flying eye-like robots with several appendages that hold bombs. When they spot an enemy, they fire the bombs toward it. They have the number "05" on them. See Gerald Robotnik for more information. The Big Foot walkers are large bipedal walkers. They can also hover in the air. It appears in Shadow the Hedgehog and usually guards later levels. They are the second strongest standard enemy belonging to G.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, they carry Gatling guns which Shadow can pick up after he has defeated them. It's much stronger than the Sonic Adventure 2 variant, and takes many more homing attacks to defeat. Big Foot Type B The Type B is similar to the F-6, except it is camouflage-colored and is armed with two quad missile launchers on its "shoulders". It appears in Shadow the Hedgehog as fairly uncommon enemy.

It is also the strongest unit belonging to G. It never uses its Gatling gun, but fires homing missiles very quickly. After being destroyed, it drops a lock-on missile launcher. It attacks by flying above Sonic and Can You Feel It - Randy Bachman - Fred Turner* - Robin Bachman* - As Brave Belt its Cant Stop Raving (Video Mix) - Dune - Cant Stop Raving gun, occasionally landing to fire its missiles.


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    Jul 18,  · Under the Gun - The Chronicle of Higher Education Faculty members in some states prepare for new laws that will allow concealed weapons in their classrooms. Faculty members in some states prepare Author: Katherine Mangan.
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    Jul 12,  · Hold the land under the gun Hold the truth like a candle Let it shine like the sun On the love that's left to believe in In a world under the gun. Under the gun Zerbrich einen Mann, brich ein.
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    Chronicles () c/w Bonus Disc by SOLDIER, released 31 July 1. Circuit Breaker 2. Dirty Doris 3. Blind Destiny 4. Insanity 5. Silver Bullet 6. No Chance For Tomorrow 7. Fire In My Heart 8. Infantrycide 9. Don't Throw Your Life away Stay Heartbreak Zone Charlotte Russe Circuit Breaker (Bonus Disc)
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    The firing of the first shot was ceremonial, according to the signed statement, each man in the gun crew performing some task. One soldier set the sights, another the elevation of the range, another the angle of site and another cut the fuse. Twenty men were gathered about the gun when the command “Fire!” was given.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Chronicles on Discogs/5(2).
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    Why Soldier were not huge – a mystery. They sure had the talent, not the breaks, though that is somewhat typical of the early NWOBHM days. Chronicles serves as proof of what a “proper” rock band was like back then. Full marks to Ian Dick for showing us all that with this double-CD.

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