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An Aurora Event - John Luther Adams - The Place Where You Go To Listen - Interactive Guide

Label: University Of Alaska Museum Of The North - none • Format: CDr CD-ROM • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Non-Music • Style: Interview, Experimental
Download An Aurora Event - John Luther Adams - The Place Where You Go To Listen - Interactive Guide

When the words that we need shoot up of themselves, we have a new song. The wind across the tundra and the little waves lapping on the shore told her secrets. Birds passing overhead spoke to her in strange tongues. She listened. And she heard.

But she rarely spoke of these things. She did not question them. This is the way it is for one who listens. She spent many days and nights alone, poised with the deep patience of the hunter, her ears and her body attuned to everything around her.

Before the wind and the great sea, she took for herself this discipline: always to listen. She listened for the sound, like drums, of the earth stirring in ancient sleep. She listened An Aurora Event - John Luther Adams - The Place Where You Go To Listen - Interactive Guide the sound, like stone rain, as rivers of caribou flooded the great plain. She listened, in autumn, for the echo of the call of the last white swan. She understood the languages of birds.

In time, she learned the quiet words of the plants. Closing her eyes, she heard small voices whispering:.

The wind brought to her the voices of her ancestors, the old ones, who taught that true wisdom lives far from humankind, deep in the great loneliness.

As she traveled, she listened to the voices of the land, voices speaking the name of each place, carrying the memories of those who live here now and Russell - Ack - Granada Drive-In who have gone.

As she listened, she came to hear the breath of each place — how the snow falls here, how the ice melts—how, when everything is still — the air breathes. The drums of her ears throbbed with the heartbeat of this place, a particular rhythm that can be heard in no other place.

Often, she remembered the teaching of an old shaman, who spoke of silam inua — the inhabiting spirit, the voice of the universe. Silam inua speaks not through ordinary words, but through fire and ice, sunshine and calm seas, the howling of wolves, and the innocence of Dance With The Wolves (The Sickest Squad Remix) - The Sickest Squad - Opera Prima, who understand nothing.

The heart of winter: An Aurora Event - John Luther Adams - The Place Where You Go To Listen - Interactive Guide is listening. Darkness envelopes her — heavy, luminous with aurora. The mountains, in silhouette, stand silent. There is no wind. The frozen air is transparent, smooth and brittle; it rings like a knifeblade against bone. The sound of her breath, as it freezes, is a soft murmuring, like cloth on cloth. The muffled wingbeats of a snowy owl rise and fall, reverberating down long corridors of dream, deep into the earth.

She stands, motionless, listening to the resonant stillness. Then, slowly, she draws a new breath. In a voice not her own, yet somehow strangely familiar, she begins to sing…. I am river willow. I am here. I am blueberry. In Search of an Ecology of Music. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Tektilar said:
    Adams elaborates a similar understanding of Sila. Reflecting on the making of his sound and light installation The Place Where You Go to Listen, he underscores the greater-than-human forces and awareness of Sila that his music might capture for our instructive immersion: “In Inuit tradition the force that animates all things is sila, the breath of the dojurusadorardananilrajas.infoinfo: Dianne Chisholm.
  2. Vudole said:
    Grammy- and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Luther Adams created the sound installation, The Place Where You Go to Listen, at the University of Alaska Museum of the North 10 years ago.
  3. Kazrabei said:
    Jun 21,  · The Place Where You go to Listen The Place Where You Go to Listen is a unique sound and light environment created by Grammy and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Luther Adams. This ever-changing musical ecosystem gives voice to the rhythms of daylight and darkness, the phases of the moon, the seismic vibrations of the earth, and the dance of the aurora borealis.
  4. Gardacage said:
    Grammy and Pulitzer prize-winning Composer John Luther Adams describes what you'll hear in the gallery called The Place Where You Go to Listen, the vibrations of .
  5. Nigor said:
    The Place Where You Go To Listen by John Luther Adams “Songs are thoughts which are sung out with the breath when people let themselves be moved by a great force, and ordinary speech no longer suffices. When the words that we need shoot up of themselves, we have a new song.” — Orpingalik, a .
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