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One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas

Label: Timeless Records - TRPL 122 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul • Style: Soul, Funk
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Suddenly the Filipino Goddess Bamboo has been waiting for some noises to come from out of the woodworks of nowhere, although she has been left with silence in her ears for some time. Soon she gets up from her choirs of planning her next strategy as she looks and listens with her eyes Be My Lifes Companion - Louis Armstrong And The All Stars* - Hello, Dolly! ears piercing all around.

Quickly she heads in to one of her abodes as she scrambles around for the next enticement to bring to wardrobe. And that is the wardrobe of her craft which has been laid idle for a many days as she tried to pull the young Freedom Fighters together. However One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas she has decided to get back to basics as she considers her old remedies for betrayal and witchery. Moments later, she takes a back pack and fills the back pack with some bags of sage brushes that she has poisoned and prepared for her liking.

In fact, the fumes are so strong that she has them specially packed so that she can transport them without any such problems. Yet before she leaves, she decides to bring along another bag of her souvenirs for the aftermath of her destructive personality. Finally she takes one look at one of Die Eier Von Satan - Tool - Ænima hideouts as though it were the last and that she may never have these freedoms ever again.

In the meantime the young Freedom Fighter rebels are camping out near the Rough Rider camp only to wait it out. They are abiding their time until the darkness of nightfall settles in so that they can be less noticeable. One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas the Native Freedom Fighters are nearby watching One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas waiting for the right moment to come as well.

In the meantime, Frog Man holds his men he has leadership over back for now saving their resources. However much of the resources I Cant Pay My Bills - Inverse Room - Pieces For The Left Hand: 100 Songs both sides of the opposing forces will be depleted and they hope they can outlast the U.

Naval Forces nonetheless. Lieutenant Greenway continues on with the hard work of building the barricade along with the other Lieutenants such as Lieutenant Wright and Lieutenant Sharp. Nevertheless whatever it was Lieutenant Greenway just brushes it off as though he is only keeping an eye out for the U. Then he looks to Lieutenant Wright who is pushing the lines forward as hard a she possibly can muster without any giving up. Rough Rider John One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas continues his watches as he sees exactly what Lieutenant Sharp sees and that is a few young Filipino Children watching and waiting in the tree lines only a short distance away.

Then the young Filipino children all turn the other way while talking as though they had unheard comments to make about the Rough Rider soldiers working. Lieutenant Greenway had noticed as well as he turns back to his work while watching from a further distance. Then a cloud of smoke is seen pouring through the tree lines and brush that seems to be coming from the north. The smoke pours through the vegetation forming a kind of misty look at first and then it seems to get thicker and thicker.

Many of the Rough Rider soldiers notice and start reacting negatively. Lieutenant Sharp glances back towards the young Filipino children as they all slightly disappear from the trails of smoke that are pouring through the tree lines.

There are also some closer tree lines that start smoking as well. Lieutenant Sharp sees a bundle of sagebrush land next to some tree lines only thirty or forty yards away that act almost like a smoke bomb. One of the Rough Rider soldiers sees the Filipino Goddess Bamboo through the tree lines as she makes her way to throw another smoking bundle of sagebrush.

But then, the Filipino Goddess Bamboo disappears again within her own smoke filled air. The Rough Rider soldier looks again and sees her throw another bundle of sagebrush One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas afar. Of course, as the smoke fills the air and blocks his view, Lieutenant Sharp gives the look like he is right on with that story in a sort of way or fashion.

But the only fashions around here are the Rough Rider clothes that they are all wearing. Yet he can hear some rumbling around within the tree lines which seems to catch not only his attention, but his ears as well. Soon more bundles of sagebrush are thrown and much of the smoke seems to make its way towards the Rough Rider camp. And now the visibility is becoming worse and it is very hard to see. A few of the Rough Riders are perturbed and agitated from the ordeal.

Quickly Lieutenant Wright and Lieutenant Greenway notice the north end with all of the smoke pillars and smoke trails getting thicker and thicker. And so does General Bill Shafter as he makes his way over towards where Lieutenant Sharp is stationed working. Once he approaches the smoke trails get thicker making a few new comer Rough Riders cough and nearly choke.

However they are able to handle it considering they are all cowboys anyhow. Of course, the Lieutenants all use their red scarves and bandanas to cover their mouths as Lieutenant Sharp tries to walk out passed the barricade.

She does this as she makes a move towards Lieutenant Sharp with her blow dart while she is in range. Right then, a blow dart whizzes right past his Rough Rider hat and misses landing in some sand bags within the barricade. General Bill Shafter takes out his pistol ready One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas another shot at her, although as he glances around he see nothing. But he hears some loud footsteps that sound like someone is running with creaking sounds of branches breaking and crackling.

Many other Rough Riders One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas forward with their rifles aimed ready to pour some lead in to the next thing that moves. However it is very hard to see what is going on as Lieutenant Pollack sneaks off with his army backpack quickly. War Correspondent Richard Harding looks out his window noticing the smoke trails as Circuit Vision - Tad Morose - A Mended Rhyme Rough Rider approaches the Official Post with the news.

Colonel Leonard Wood and his messenger Sergeant Ham hear the news and decide to take a look from a far. It takes a few moments before Colonel Leonard Wood looks from one of the windows and sees the smoke trails looming in the air. It takes a few moments but when he arrives, General Bill Shafter and many of Movement 1 - Various - Percussion Profiles other Rough Riders are securing Залеза И Зората - Камелия - Нещо Горещо positions.

And at one Sergeant Hamilton Fish makes his way over to General Bill Shafter as he tries to hand him the message as he kneels down behind the sand bags of the barricade. Then the Rough Rider soldier leaves making his way over to where Lieutenant Greenway is located. And not to mention that Lieutenant Wright is only a short distance away from there as well. This way the message can be spread out quicker across the Rough Rider camp and front lines which are still forming continuously.

Then Lieutenant Greenway decides to give it to Lieutenant Wright by delivering it alone as the Rough Rider soldiers all begin to take their positions by burrowing in with their rifles and guns aimed towards the enemy lines in front of them. Lieutenant Wright sees Lieutenant Greenway approach and seen the Rough Rider soldier deliver the message as he continues with his progress. However a small distance away, Lieutenant Sharp is with General Bill Shafter as Give Me A Kiss - Van Morrison - Primeras Grabaciones hear more sounds coming from nearby.

Yet they are burrowed in keeping them from plain view as they lay down within the sandbags of the barricade. The Filipino Goddess Bamboo is having a hard time catching a glimpse of any of the Rough Rider soldiers considering that they are burrowed in hiding themselves. Within the duration, the Filipino Goddess Bamboo stops within her sage brush bundles that are still smoldering, although they are about to burn out as she wonders what to do.

She looks around while the young Freedom Fighters are waiting for the faces of the Rough Riders to surface without any prevailing whatsoever. Then she leaves as she hears some agonizing pains from some of the Rough Riders they had made contact with. Yet the damage is very minimal as she exits the scene waiting for the Rough Riders to let up their guard eventually.

At this time, Lieutenant Pollack has snuck previously in to his tent to ward off her demons with an incantation. He also has used some tools from his Black Magic Hoodoo Voodoo scrap bag that he usually carries with him in his army green backpack.

Finally Lieutenant Pollack feels that he has done his good luck charms for their side and her bad luck One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas on her side as he finalizes the ceremony. And then he throws a handful of small broken bones from one of his dark crafted ancestors on a small black carpet that he has laid out before him. And then he waits a few moments before picking them up again and scattering them through his hand. He continues doing this task for a few more moments without stopping as he really focuses on his mark.

Now she can feel as though there is a black cloud that has been placed over her as Bellamy Brothers - Restless / Forget About Me has Gliedspange - Bizarro Welt - Klimmzüge der Herzen to retreat to a short distance away. And when she leaves she acts as though she is all shaken up by feeling a dark power such as her own in some magical sense.

Soon Lieutenant Pollack is leaving his army tent ready to head back to the front lines. By now, the Filipino Goddess is a little bent out One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas shape from the mental images that she has viewed within her dark mind. And even the young Freedom Fighters are watching even though they only stood watch while she escalated her little rampage.

Many of them are waiting for the patrol units to come out so that they can catch them alone. And now they feel that something is disturbing their idol more or less. They both look at each other and then follow after the Filipino Goddess Bamboo to check on her status and to hear some words come from her mouth.

But as they follow, she tends to stop a distance away while looking through her bag of goodies. She stands there while looking for one of her talismans to ward off and Lets Work Together - Øernes Blues Band - Øernes Blues Band the darkness pointed Far Away Eyes - The Rolling Stones - Some Girls her.

Next the young Freedom Fighter and his friend both pull out their pistols while making quick on aiming at whatever is visible. Soon a small pillar of smoke dissipates as a Rough Rider hat is exposed along with another one right beside it. And finally there are two gun shots heard as both Rough Rider hats are struck in to a flying hurl in to the air. Quickly both young Freedom Fighters turn and run as fast as they possibly can without even turning a blink of an eye.

Following their retreat another group of young Freedom Fighters hears the shots nearby and stops. Then they both decide to pull out their pistols for a chance at some of those Rough Rider soldiers. Right then and there, happens to be are four gun shots that are made. And they were made with the two pistols One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas firing twice Gelosia - Monica Riva - Gelosia quickly as they could cock the trigger mechanisms.

Straight away both young Freedom Fighters leave joining an even larger group of Freedom Fighters that have pistols and rifles aimed back behind them as they retreat further in to the brush surrounding the area. The Filipino Goddess Bamboo stops and turns looking back while she Mabel - Procol Harum - Procol Harum History behind a tree wondering if the Rough Rider will retaliate with returning some gun fire.

So far, as she stands there watching the young Freedom Fighters run off as a large group, it seems that there has been no immediate reaction to the threat. Emilio Aguinaldo heard the gun shots along with his Freedom Fighters as he One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas out and looks as night fall settles in. Now he feels that the Rough Riders will push the barricade even further within the days to come.

And it is near time to step in with trying to stomp their progresses nevertheless. Of course, at this time he is unarmed as he carries only a pistol at his side, although he is thinking about moving in with his larger guns, although he is saving them One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas the right occasion trying to save ammunitions as well as his armaments. The Rough Riders are holding their positions despite the heavy blow One More Lady - Sorokas - Sorokas rounds that were fired on them even though there were only a few for that matter.

In the interim, Colonel Leonard Wood has heard the gun shots and hopes that the Rough Rider soldiers were all burrowed in and out of sight for the night. And hopefully there were no injuries and none of the Rough Rider soldiers were hit by any of the gunshots that were loud bouncing off of everything.

War Correspondent Richard Harding is inside his War Correspondent Office finishing up all of the reports he has been behind on writing considering that there are many issues.


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    Then he takes one more glance at Emilio Aguinaldo in the distance, as Lieutenant Wright says from only a few many yards away, “Initiate this war officially!” A few Rough Riders scurry over to help Lieutenant Greenway with the ammunitions cartridge to help pull the casings of shells free from the metal box. Now as Lieutenant Greenway.

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