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Weve Got To Live Together - Various - The Best Of NRG For The 90s Volume 3

Label: Hot Tracks - HT-CD-BNRG-3 • Format: 2x, CD Promo, Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: House, Europop, Hi NRG, Synth-pop
Download Weve Got To Live Together - Various - The Best Of NRG For The 90s Volume 3

I know, I know. How can we ever find common ground? Nova Cain* - R U Ready For Nova / Seven Steps recent video surfaced that showed kangaroos hopping in the snow in Australia. Unless you want to believe your lying eyes. As in now. Nevertheless, Australia is experiencing serious impact from climate change, report its government websites.

One big change among climate scientists fairly recently is that they have better tools than previously, enabling them to speak more definitively about the association between some dramatic, never-before-seen events and climate change.

Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons today, they find, are bigger, wetter, and faster-moving than they used to be. Scientists have been using an increase in temperature of 2-degrees Celsius as the danger cutoff for some time. But this report cites New Jersey as having already reached that point in some places—twice the average Weve Got To Live Together - Various - The Best Of NRG For The 90s Volume 3 the Lower 48 states—and Rhode Island having exceeded it. In fact, the Northeast in general is warming faster than some other parts of the country.

I always thought of the folks in Miami, who watch water burbling up through their sidewalks on sunny days, as the harbinger of things to come. The reason for this Northeast warming, scientists conjecture, seems to be a cycle involving warmer winters and very warm water offshore, which leads to less ice and snow cover.

The latter reflect solar radiation into space, cooling the planet. Not surprisingly, that freezing point, according Weve Got To Live Together - Various - The Best Of NRG For The 90s Volume 3 New Jersey state climatologist David A. What does this change look like? No more. According to the Post :. The massive ice industry and skate sailing association are but black-and-white photographs at the local museum. And even the hardy souls who still try to take part in ice fishing contests here have had to cancel 11 of the past dozen competitions for fear of straying onto perilously thin ice and tumbling into the frigid water.

This thinning ice allows aquatic weeds, nourished by fertilizer runoff Weve Got To Live Together - Various - The Best Of NRG For The 90s Volume 3 colder water would kill, to thrive.

The algae, cyanobacteria, is the same I See You - John Chin - FIFTH that killed 3 dogs swimming in a North Carolina pond and another 3 dogs swimming in a lake in Austin, Texas. The warmer temperatures have attracted the southern pine beetle to travel north, damaging 20, acres of the Pine Barrens, a national reserve. A Dartmouth researcher, Matthew Ayres, says:.

Beach erosion is the key problem in Rhode Island, where people with homes close to the ocean scramble to move them back farther and farther. Fine Little Girl - The Shells - Golden Hits feet of beach are lost each year. Whole communities are relocating as the water encroaches. A summer resident of one community said Sincro - Alef - Hajime! residents wanted the owners to build a wall to hold back the sea.

Narragansett Bay has warmed 1. Scientists believe that the melting of Arctic ice has slowed the currents, moving the Gulf Stream closer to the East Coast. That, in turn, has warmed the water by 2-degrees Celsius or more in places and is apparently responsible for the hotter air temperatures as well.

Polar vortex events, in which frigid Arctic air descends into the heart of the country, can still bring biting cold. But the overall trend remains the same and is set to continue. One recent study found that by the time the entire globe crosses 2 degrees Celsius, the Northeast can expect to have risen by about 3 degrees Celsius, with winter temperatures higher still. These trends are, of course, worldwide.

Though much of the Earth has warmed 1-degree Celsius over the century, areas in Romania and Mongolia have also registered the 2-degree Gas Gas Gas - Goran Bregović - Welcome To Goran Bregović seen in parts of the US. But there is still time for meaningful action to slow and even reverse these trends—if we work together with common purpose. So how do we get the skeptics to buy into our shared concern in order to move us toward meaningful action?

Enter Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist and professor of political science at Texas Tech University, where she is director of the Climate Science Center. Hayhoe spends a A National Acrobat - Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath deal of her time talking to people about climate science and how we can both adapt to and improve our changing environments.

Where is global warming now? And yet…only about 60 percent of people think it will affect people in the United States, and only 40 percent think it will affect them personally. I doubt whether the couple who lost their 3 dogs in a toxic North Carolina lake think that. The planet warms. Heat waves get stronger. Heavy precipitation gets more frequent. Hurricanes get more intense. Scientists release yet another doom-filled report.

And, she notes, To Be - The Irrepressibles - Nude first formal warning from scientists that changing climate presented a danger was given to President Lyndon Johnson 50 years ago.

And while climate change is also regarded as a danger to our outdated infrastructure, this is one bridge we really need to build—and soon. But how do we do it? Hayhoe suggests finding something you have in common with a person. In her interview with Alan Alda, she speaks of a mutual interest in gardens.

Are there challenges? She stresses that we can bypass the question of whether or not these problems are manmade. We are seeking commonality in finding solutions. The farmer whose crop insurance consists of devoting some of his acreage to wind and solar is a case in point. Look for local solutions to local concerns. How we got to this point is less important than how we get out. All we have to be is a human living on this planet.

Like what? Here are a few pieces of silver buckshot that Hayhoe points out both save money and reduce our carbon footprints:. This last one fascinates me. We throw away about one-third of our food, and methane from rotting foods in landfills is an even worse source of warming than carbon dioxide. After China and the US, food waste is the third leading contributor to climate change, Hayhoe says.

Apple has decarbonized its entire operations. Walmart Jacket - Michael Colyar Featuring Special Guest MJG With 8Ball* - Greatest Hits And The Great Unknow Berkshire Hathaway are making changes.

So are various agricultural and oil and gas companies but not BP, which obstructs climate improvement actions behind the scenes, Hayhoe reports. And guess who Hayhoe finds the most effective sector of the population in driving awareness and working toward solutions? Hayhoe cites a North Carolina study that found educating children about climate change had a positive and noticeable impact: when a young daughter spoke to her conservative father, she moved his position.

So how do we speed up that giant boulder so we can fix climate change in time? You guessed it. The number one way is by talking about it. But by working together, Weve Got To Live Together - Various - The Best Of NRG For The 90s Volume 3 can fix it. Nobody knows that more than us climate scientists. And that hope begins with a conversation today. So are you encouraged to have a conversation? And are you letting your representatives at all levels know how important you think this topic is?

I've been a nonfiction writer for many years, exploring diverse topics that pique my curiosity, as noted in my first blog posting Greetings! I'm seeking dialogue with others committed to joining me in this exploration, sharing my conviction that different views can be exchanged in a respectful, civil discourse where we can learn from one another and be agreeable, even when we disagree.

These postings depend for their enrichment on your participation: your ideas, insights, knowledge, opinions, and personal stories. View all posts by annieasksyou. I believe there is Two Hearts - Melohman - Two Hearts EP common ground on this issue. Enough skeptics have to be convinced to change their minds or nothing will happen in this country that would make a meaningful difference.

Are the climate change skeptics ever asked what evidence they would need to change their minds? Just wondering. Like Like. But the North Carolina study, which admittedly was small, showed that when children were educated about climate change and spoke with their parents, they changed their minds. Conservatives, fathers of daughters, and men in general—the groups most likely to be skeptics, were persuaded by their daughters.

Like Liked by 1 person. In the meantime, of course we need actions on all levels. But I never knew that methane from thrown-out food was the third leading contributor to warming—after the US and China—so I think there are plenty of things we can all be doing that can in the aggregate make a difference. Otherwise, our frustration and despair and sense of having no control lead us nowhere.

Hi Annie. Interesting and thoughtful post. I am a sceptic regarding people causing climate change disaster. That said we both believe in climate change but disagree on the cause. I would say this is more of a politicised issue with the general public that care about climate change rather than a genuine scientific debate.

It has been my experience that the education system is mainly liberal and children are indoctrinated into a new climate change religion.


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